8 Rose Colours Meaning and What They Symbolize

Rose bouquet can consist of single or multiple colours of roses. If you want to deliver this flower bouquet to your loved ones, you should pick the right colour, because each colour represents a different meaning. 

8 Rose Colours Meaning and What They Symbolize

WHEN the words can’t transcend, sending a rose bouquet still can be a great way to express your feelings. Of course you want to convey the message of your heart to your significant other accurately, so they won’t end up misunderstood. For doing so, you need to know the meaning of every rose colour in your flower bouquet, because giving a wrong colour in a wrong occasion can be disappointing to your recipient. 

1. Red Rose

Red rose is probably the most common colour for rose bouquet. It can also be easily found in every florist around the world, including florist Singapore. Traditionally, red rose is a symbol for love and romance. It reflects beauty and affection. The darker the rose, the more intense the beauty it flaunts. Red roses are also pretty famous in romance movies and literature. Instead of saying “I love you”, the main character who falls in love would prefer give red rose to their loved one. 

2. Pink Rose

If you want to express admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy, or sweetness to the people you love, pink rose can be a perfect choice. Similar to its counterparts, pink roses are pretty common and easy to find. Try to deliver this elegance gift by using flower delivery Singapore to surprise them. 

3. White Rose

White roses are traditionally used in weddings. It can represent new beginnings and also implies purity, innocence, and charm. Although white roses often associated with purity and innocence, it can also convey somber. 

4. Yellow Rose

Despite its bright colour, yellow roses can signify jealousy and infidelity. Fortunately in modern times, this variety often associated with friendship and cheer. Don’t hesitate to use flower delivery Singapore service to send this flower, because yellow roses give a warm feeling and happiness due to its vibrant colour. 

5. Orange Rose

Seeking a rose which can evoke energy? Orange rose should be on your list. This rose can symbolize passion and can also indicate enthusiasm, desire, and excitement. Try this one out if you want to express your passionate romance. 

6. Lavender Rose

Similar to the red rose, lavender rose can also say “I love you” beyond words, especially when it is love at first sight. This is a daily reminder of your love and eagerness to grow your relationship.

7. Peach Roses

Do you want to say thank you to someone or just want to show your appreciation? Then picking peach roses would be perfect. This variety signifies modesty, sincerity, and gratitude. Giving a bouquet of peach roses to someone means you have said “thank you” to them indirectly. 

8. Salmon Rose

Pretty easy to find by searching "florist near me", salmon roses have pinker colour than orange roses and darker than peach. This rose colour radiates similar energy as orange roses do. It symbolizes enthusiasm, desire, and excitement.  

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