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Flower Bundles :

Flower bundles are generally a hand-tied flower bouquet. The term “hand-tied” refers to the method by which a bouquet is arranged. This flower bouquet has a smaller size than regular bouquet. People often send a hand-tied flower along with chocolate. It is common for Singaporean to send this flower and chocolate during Valentine ’s Day by using a chocolate delivery Singapore

Flower Bundles or Chocolate? Why not Both?

I know, it may sounds cliché for some people giving chocolate to their loved ones during Valentine’s Day, but who can endure the temptation? I mean, you wouldn’t say no to someone who gave you flower and chocolate, right? The fact that both chocolate and flower can bring happiness making this gift even harder to deny. 

A study conducted by UK flower delivery service, Bloom & Wild, in collaboration with School of Human Sciences found that flowers and chocolate make you feel loved. On that research, they recruited 30 students for experiment, and gifted them a box of bloom, Cadbury chocolate, or a bottle of water. The researchers then analyse the saliva produced by their participant, 10 minutes and 40 minutes after receiving their gifts. The result? Both flowers and chocolate seem to naturally raise levels of oxtocin, also reffered to as “love hormone”. 

Another research on how flower can uplift someone’s mood was held in 2007. A team of scientists from Rutgers University in New Brunwick discovered that flower bouquet can trigger “true smile” expression. The researched was based on experiments in 2005, when a series of blind people were given a bouquet flowers, a decorative candle or a fruit basket. Recipient who had a floral bouquets responded with what’s called “Duchenne Smile” or “true smile”. However, the one who had fruit basket or candles didn’t have the same reaction. 

In the other hand, chocolate promotes the brain chemistry of being in love by stimulating all the right neurons. Chocolate can create this kind of feeling, because it contains tyrosine and salsolinol, chemicals that trigger the production of happiness hormone dopamine. It also contains a chemical called phenylethylamine, or the “love drug” that can act as an aphrodisiac. So, when you consume a high level cocoa, you will not only experience good feeling, but also a little romantic after a few bite. No wonder it becomes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Besides its “love drug” chemical, chocolate also has another benefit for brain’s health. It has been proven to increase working memory and abstract reasoning. You can also feel relaxed when inhaling the smell of chocolate, since it increases theta brain waves. Flavonoids found in cocoa products have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting effects that can reduce the risk of diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity. 

There is a reason to not giving your loved one a flower bundles with a chocolate. In fact, flower bundles combine with chocolate are a perfect match for Valentine occasion. Don’t hesitate to contact chocolate delivery Singapore to deliver your gift. They will give you the best service and the best gift to your recipient. 

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